eCAADe 33 (2015), 521-530, Vienna

Thomas Wortmann and Bige Tuncer

We have developed a modular approach to the parametric design of a patterned façade for tropical climates, using a “lighter” data set and model that integrates a number of performance considerations. This modular approach separates the façade’s design into form, façade pattern, façade density requirements, and façade components, and reintegrates these aspects via a triangular mesh, represented as a fast and convenient data structure based on half-edges. Through this separation, the design team can simultaneously work on the architectural appearance of the design, its performance, and its fabrication, while retaining holistic control through the constant reintegration of design changes via the half-edge data structure. In this way, we retain the advantages of a parametrically driven design process, such as automatic design generation and the integration of performance aspects, while permitting more flexible and non-sequential design explorations by different members of the design team.