Thomas Schroepfer

“Dense and Green Building Typologies”

in Future Cities Laboratory

Singapore-ETH Centre Future Cities Laboratory, 2016

From the editor’s foreword:

FCL is structured around three problem-oriented and transdisciplinary research ‘scenarios’ that link science, design, and specific places. The scenarios combine discipline-specific research in the following areas: architecture, planning and urban design, mobility and transportation planning, sociology and psychology, landscape and ecosystems, energy systems, materials and engineering, and information technology. The three scenarios are conceived as complementary. Research groups individually address situated situated and concrete challenges, and collectively advance the FCL vision. Each scenario brings disciplinary expertise to bear on complex urban questions, and helps to translate knowledge into action on the ground.

Dense and Green Building Typologies is part of Scenario 1: High-Density Mixed-Use Cities. It develops new integrated planning paradigms, research methodologies, and implementation processes to support higher population densities, higher standards of environmental sustainability, and enhanced liveability.

Dense and Green studies the environmental, social, economic and aesthetic benefits of such building typologies in high-density urban contexts.