Thomas is a PhD candidate and studio instructor in SUTD’s Architecture and Sustainable Design pillar. In 2013, he graduated from MIT with a Master of Science in Design and Computation, after having worked for several years as a project architect for the Dutch architectural practice of NOX, known for its pioneering use of digital design tools. In 2015, Thomas was responsible for designing and automatically generating cut sheets and assembly instructions for over 10.000 individual panels for the “Future of Us” grid shell in Singapore. Since 2014, he has taught design studios and parametric design courses at various universities and other institutions in Singapore.

His research interest is the integration of computers into the architectural design process, with a focus on visual and interactive model-based optimization tools. He has authored numerous papers on topics such as benchmarking black-box optimization methods, multivariate visualization and shape grammar implementation. Thomas is the lead developer of Opossum, an award-winning model-based optimization tool for Grasshopper, which is available for free on

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