Zuardin Akbar is a computational designer, experimental architect and researcher originally from Indonesia. He graduated with Distinction from MArch Architectural Design Programme at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, UK. With the group morpho[cyte], he won the honorary sir Peter Cook Award as well as the Gold Prize for his master project at the B-Pro Show 2016. He has been researching on the applications of artificial intelligence in computational design and cyber-physical production as a new way of producing future architectural tectonic. Before he came to the AAL, he joined a cutting edge start-up company called Ai-Build, working together with his former tutor, Daghan Cam , in a large-scale robotic 3D printed furniture project for Zaha Hadid Design at Meta Utopia Exhibition.  In his spare time, he is also obsessed with synthetic-biology and cybernetic theory.