Contemporary architecture and urban design practice in Singapore and beyond is increasingly exploring the integration of green spaces in buildings, producing new typologies for high-density contexts that include public space, extensive sky terraces, sky bridges, vertical parks, roof gardens, and other ‘green’ components. Combinations of all these, often applied to mixes of residential, civic and commercial programmes, conjoin at times to produce ‘vertical cities’, in which the building section becomes part of larger urban ecosystems such as parks, gardens and river networks. Density and sustainability here are not contradictory but rather mutually dependent and synergistic.

The Dense and Green Building Typologies: Architecture as Urban Ecosystem Symposium takes place at the Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore on 30 August 2017. Organised by the Future Cities Laboratory (a programme of the Singapore-ETH Centre), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and hosted by the Singapore Urban Revelopment Authority, it brings together important stakeholders, including policy makers, planners, developers, architects and landscape architects, who discuss how dense and green building typologies can contribute to developing compact yet highly liveable future cities.

For more information on the Symposium and the speakers please visit the Dense and Green Building Typologies website.